You can walk in the project you have drawn.

Your project which has been drawn by AutoCad etc. cad program will be transformed into 3D by Auto3dNow automatically and presented for your walk-in as start up material applied. Once it is transformed you can print it out on a 3d printer such those highly recommend models mentioned on Print Geeks. If you would, you can send your project to Autocad in 3D form.
 After this point all belong to you. Changing materials, adding furniture, adding light, drawing a path for camera are all under your control with one click. If you aspire you can make a movie.

For information about the program click “How To Use”. You can install the program to your computer from “Download “. Auto3dNow will work without any time without limitation but with some limited functions.


To learn more about portable power sources or sustainable energy please visit our partner Talco Electronics or use our resources pages and contact your local community college projects manager. We’ll also soon be working with drone manufacturers (see news at to develop proper material and prototype testing as this industry continues to boom.