Question: Can I add Mezzanine Floor to my project?
Answer: If you draw mezzanine floor slap as Closed POLYLINE, yes.

Question: Is Roof design available in program?
Answer: In Auto3dNow’un 1.0 version Roof design is not available

Question: Windows types are not as I want, what can I do?
Answer: After turning off Window you can add a window you like in 3DS format

Question: Can I take all facade view of my project?
Answer: In Auto3dNow’un 1.0 version only 1 floor plan is available. You can2t take all facade view

Question: To use 3DS material in program the material should be transformed into  X format. I can’t take enough result in the program. Is there another program that you recommend?
Answer: In Auto3dNow’transforming 3DS into X format can make problems. 3DS should be single frame materials should be combined as Editable Mesh and should be made as Condense material. Despite this there can be some mistakes in transformation. So we recommend the users of Auto3dNow to use Deep Exploration program. By  Deep Exploration  program you can easily transform a 3DS or other 3D Objects in any format into X format. During the transformation in the part Transform the Rotation X : -90 will give better position for Auto3DNow. You SHOULD make in Texture Maps pop-up Convert textures to: JPEG image
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